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'Avoid Getting Ripped Off
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Remember, lenders want your money as badly as you want theirs.  Sometimes they want it "too badly," so avoid getting ripped off by the mortgage lender!  Competition is stiff, and even without up-front fees, a $200,000 mortgage at 8% for 30 years can net your lender more than $328,000 in interest!  Get this FREE REPORT: "Avoid Getting Ripped Off By The Mortgage Lender."

In many selling situations, one party to a transaction usually has more information than the other.  For example: The car dealer knows more than the average car buyer.  The computer salesman knows more than the average computer buyer.  However, in the home loan market, the information disparity is so large you must protect yourself from predatory lenders.  Get this FREE REPORT: "Avoid Getting Ripped Off By The Mortgage Lender."

Most mortgage shoppers/borrowers are in the market only a few times in their life (while you may buy many cars and computers throughout your lifetime).  Consumers have limited time to learn the rudiments, never mind the many nuances, of an extremely complex transaction.  With so much of your hard-earned money at stake, you must guard against getting ripped off by the mortgage lender.

Send for this FREE REPORT now! "Avoid Getting Ripped Off By The Mortgage Lender."

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